Pakalolo Supply Company Weekly Update

Aloha! We have a short update for you this weekend.   We just wanted to check in and let you know how things are running.  We have been operating at full steam with our new hours Monday through Saturday 11am-8pm and a healthy supply of flower.  We are currently offering 13 different strains from our own cultivation along with 3 other local facilities including Green Life Supply.  We are carrying the almost all of them in 1g, 3.5g, and 7.0g units at varying price points to try and please those not looking to spend as much money as well as those who are willing to pay a little more for something considered to be higher quality  And remember tax is now included in the price you see on the menu! For those looking for the high THC concentrates we have Good Titrations’ Cannabis Oil at 63% THC.  Its delicious tasting stuff as well and it comes in a nifty plunger syringe that allows for easy use with any smoking utensil by just aiming and pushing.  We are also very pleased to announce we got a fresh supply of MoMo’s Bakery edibles dropped off today.  We are fortunate to have their entire line which consists of Queen Mary’s Chocolate Tortes, Cannachews, Butterscotch Brownies and Lemon Dreams.  The Butterscotch Brownies and Lemon Dreams this round are made from a sativa cross with Matanuska Thunder F*** in its lineage. Legendary strains most likely make legendary edibles.

Be on the look out for a post in the very near future concerning the ballot measure coming up this October to ban retail marijuana in Fairbanks.  We are beginning preparation for a campaign, along with all the other cannabis related local businesses that are surely doing the same thing, to make sure that this banning DOES NOT happen. Legalizing retail cannabis has shown nothing but positive results for everyone involved including our states government which is huge considering all the recent budget issues.  We will be depending on our patrons to help us win this ballot measure by a landslide.  More on this soon.

We are open for 4 more hours so come see us down on 1851 Fox Ave in the center of town.  Just down the street from Hoodoo Brewing Company so you can even slide over an have some (of the best) beer after.  Thanks for stopping by the PakaBlog and we will talk to you next week. Mahalo!

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Pakalolo Supply Company – Picking up Good Titrations and living the Green Life! Weekly Update 7/20 CHEEEE HOOOO!

Promoting the Industry as a Whole

At Pakalolo Supply Company we love meeting and working with new local cannabis product vendors as they open their doors for business.  We feel that being the first to legally sell cannabis and having the amazing and loyal following of awesome customers, that we have the best outlet in the state for new businesses in this industry to get their product out on the market quickly and efficiently in a way where we can help them make a name for themselves.  We enjoy promoting their company and products with our menus, website ads and blog posts like the one you are currently reading.  This way you know what the product is and who created the product you are buying when you ring up at the register at PSC.  This is just another step towards our ultimate goal of normalizing this awesome, but heavily scrutinized industry, while also promoting Fairbanks as the legal marijuana market capital of Alaska.  This week we have two new vendors both located in the Heart of Alaska.  Let’s dive in.

Good Titrations Sending Good Vibrations


Good Titrations made their first drop to us this week and its on the store shelves as we speak waiting for someone to call their own… Though they probably wont be long! Being that Good Titrations has a production license specializing in concentrates they brought us a spectacular batch of 63% THC cannabis oil with a natural flavor and no added terpenes.  The product comes in a nifty plunger syringe making it extremely easy to apply or load into the smoking utensil of your choosing whether it be a dab rig or a vape pen (And if you don’t have a vape pen you are in luck because we just got a shipment of 3 different types).  We also want to take a minute to talk about the owners of Good Titrations: Sean Tacke, Frank Berardi and Brandon Emmett, who have been some of the biggest proponents of legalizing retail cannabis and are still heavily involved in getting the industry to the place where we all want it to be.  This group of cannabis connoisseurs and activists have been dialing in their processes for years now, while simultaneously leading the charge for legalization and normalization of cannabis in Alaska.  You might remember Frank from the TSA and Airport police lawsuit where he was awarded his previously confiscated cannabis back from Airport police department.  Sean may be a familiar face as his activism for both cannabis and our community as a whole has landed him a seat on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and Brandon Emmett is the President of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association and represents the cannabis industry as one of the 2 industry appointees to the Marijuana Control Board.  We are very excited that these guys have found the time in their busy activism schedules to get their beautiful concentrates on our shelves! Mahalo to the boys a Good Titrations for everything that they do!

Living the Green Life w/ Green Life Supply

We are now also working with one of the newest local cultivators in the interior, Green Life Supply.  These fellas are an amazing group of very experienced growers with one hell of a facility. They are pumping out some of the best flower in the state and the only way you can cop an 1/8 of it to roll up a joint or stuff in into a bong bowl is by stopping by the your favorite local pot shop, Pakalolo Supply Co.  The Green Life guys have literally been living the “green life” spending hours upon hours in their facility meticulously crafting their operation from the ground up with quality being the priority. They are selective about what retail stores are carrying their products and they work very hard making sure that product is and will remain on the “Top Shelf” throughout Alaska.  We currently have 3 different strains from Green Life with more on the way this weekend. Lets take a look:



Back water, coming in at 25% THC, is a wonderful indica with a solid bud structure and the sweet aroma of grapes.  It starts you off with a euphoric calm head high that slowly becomes heavier as it melts down into the rest of you body.

Critical Sensi Star

critivcal Sensi

The Critical Sensi Star is a heavy indica-cross between Sensi Star and Critical Mass (though its the THC version not the CBD).  It produces very sticky buds with sweet and natural piney flavor and aroma.  At 17.6% Critical Sensi is a very balanced but relaxing indica.

Susitna Sage


The Susitna Sage is a hybrid at 22.21% is a phenotype of the Bowser strain that is very popular in California. It comes from one of the Green Life crew member’s private collection.  It is frosty light green and orange color (the picture makes it look darker than it actually is) that has the aroma that reminds you of natural herbs and spices but sweeter. The high is active, balanced and steady throughout.

Once More Our Hours Have Expanded

Monday through Saturday 11am to 8pm. CHEEEEHOOOOO!

Starting on Monday we now open 2 hours earlier starting the day at 11 am instead of 1pm every day that were open. We hope to see you soon to try out our newest products.  Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog, aloha!


Do us a huge favor and let us know what is your favorite strain grown at our facility. There are lots of choose from but it only take a moment.  Click the bubble next to the strain you like and press the vote button at the bottom!

Pakalolo Supply Company Weekly Update 7/13

Facebook Shuts Down Alaska Cannabis Industry Accounts

Earlier this year we became aware that posts from our Facebook account or even posts from other Facebook accounts related to Pakalolo such as my personal account, or the marijuana industry in general, were being censored from many users timelines.  In other words these posts were not seen by many of the people that were intended to see them, or wanted to see them. Our posts seemed to get less and less views as time went on. We believed that this was part of an algorithm that kept posts about cannabis from showing up on peoples timelines. Facebook has basically confirmed our beliefs at this point by taking it one step further and completely shutting down our Facebook page along with over 10 other cannabis businesses in Alaska.  We are not happy about the censorship of something the people of state of Alaska voted legal as it is now apart of our state’s commerce.  It is unfortunate to say the least while also raising a question of ethics when it comes to censorship of marijuana as it becomes legal across the country.  That being said we wanted to let you know that wont let it slow us down. We will explore other avenues in the social media world as well as strengthen those that are already in use such as our Weedmaps, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We will start to push the PakaBlog to its full potential as our main community outreach which means more frequent posts regardless of length.  We want to stay connected with our patrons as much as humanly possible. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the email updates of our blog. We want to gain as many new email followers that we can so that every time we update the blog people will know immediately.  You can sign up for the blog email updates in the sidebar on the right side of the page.  We always have plans in motion to keep leading the industry in community interaction and we will continue to think of new ways to do so.

Now Offering 1/8s and 1/4s and Tax is Now Included

Moving on, the industry has began to get up on step.  We now have a steady supply of flower coming in to where we can now sell larger packaged units like 1/8s (3.5g) and 1/4s (7g) for a discounted price!  Right now we are excited to say we have 1/8s in 5 different strains: Pakalolo Grown Mauna Kea WFOG and Green Crack, ACC’s Sour Diesel and Alien Rift and Subsistence Product’s Cannalope Haze.  They prices vary from $58-$65 with tax included. We also have Mauna Kea 1/4s for $110 and Sour diesel 1/4s for $125.  It should be noted that now all of our marijuana product prices include tax.  Now when you see $20 on our menu that is exactly what you will be paying.  Check out our full menu with the new prices at


Thank You Common Kings

We wanted to give one last shout out to the Common Kings and thank them for putting on one real rock show that left our ears ringing.  We appreciate the time we got to spend with them burning some trees, and we have to admit, it was one of the coolest things ever when they gave us the shout out on stage! One love fellas, until the next time.



Tell Us Your Favorite Strain!

As we move closer to our second year of operation and more and more strains become available we want to get a feeling of what our customers are really enjoying.  We want this to give us some very helpful feedback that may help us make some big decisions not far in the future. This week we wanted to end the update with a poll below to find what peoples favorite Pakalolo Grown Strain is in our first 9 months of business.  It will be a hard decision to say the least but go with your heart. We know you will make the right choice… 😉 We can’t wait to see the results!

As always thank you so much for stopping by the PakaBlog.  Don’t forget to sign up for the email updates in the sidebar on the right side of the page so you know when there is a new post.  If you haven’t added us on instagram or twitter please do as we will be using them more often with no Facebook account.  We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company in the coming days, mahalo!

Stock Up for the 4th with Strain Drop Saturday!

Sour Diesel from ACC @ 24% THC

Happy Independence Day everyone!  What a beautiful weekend we have had so far and the actual celebration is yet to come.  In fact you still have time to stock up at Pakalolo Supply Company.  It Saturday so you know what that means, right? The strain Sour Diesel from Alaska Cannabis Cultivators has dropped and it is available in 3.5g units so you can make sure you have enough for the entire weekend at the great value of $65! We are also offering Alien Rift in the 1/8 oz units for the same price.  If you are looking for prerolls then you are in luck as we have Sour Banana Sherbert 1g joints for only $15. Let’s call it the STOCK UP FOR THE 4TH PRESALE!

Common Kings Tonight!


The Common Kings concert that we are humbly sponsoring is tonight at the Blue Loon! They are doing a tour for their new album Lost in Paradise.  It’s my favorite album of theirs yet.  They are masters of mixing the genre of reggae music with others such as rock, hip-hop and R&B. We still have tickets left in our retail store so when you stop by to stock up today grab a ticket and start your 4th of July weekend off with a kickass show.  These guys do every concert like its their last and its going to be a definite good time.  Hope to see you there!

Stock Up for the 4th on Monday July 3rd

We will be open Monday so that you can fulfill any last minute marijuana needs as we WILL be closed on Tuesday July 4th.  We will have multiple preroll specials, so that if you are already on the way to the lake or out camping, you wont even  have to roll it up! Did someone say SupaSidekick Six Pack?! We will also have The Incredible Edible Kits for only $75 so that you can have some delicious Hula Cookie edibles at your 4th of July party.  They make 15 strong cookies for only $75.  That is unbeatable right now in the stake of AK.  In case you are hungry we will have the one and only Frostbite Foods! They offer the best homemade chips and salsa I have ever had in my life. Not to mention their fish tacos will blow your mind.  We got everything you need so stop by on Monday July 3rd to stock up for the 4th!


As always, thanks for stopping by the Pakablog.  Mahalo!