Fun Under Midnight Sun: The THC Fair and Common Kings

“Grow, Process, Enjoy and Celebrate!”

Greetings everyone, and more importantly, Happy Solstice!  Summer solstice in Fairbanks is a such an amazing thing for us to enjoy.  With the events ranging from the Midnight Sun Run and the costumes and block parties that go along with it, the Midnight Sun baseball game with the Goldpanners, all the way down to the Solstice Street Fair taking over the streets of downtown Fairbanks, there is plenty to do under the midnight sun. There is also plenty of people to do it with as everyone seems to have a unlimited amount of energy this time of the year and can’t help but get the most out of the warm sun which we have unlimited amounts of! Now is the time for floating the river, going to the lake, and enjoying these outdoors that have an entirely different climate most of the  year.  We feel that is best enjoyed with a little pakalolo kick. 😉  In fact, if you are looking for something to do this weekend, June 24-25, Pakalolo Supply Company will be partaking in the THC Fair at the Tanana County Fairgrounds.  The THC Fair will consist of vendor booths from a variety of cannabis related businesses including retail stores, cultivation, local artisans, hemp products, glass and cannabis accessories.  There will also be presentations, learning sessions and discussions with industry leaders to further engage yourself in the art and process of the cannabis industry.  One of those industry leaders will be Keenan Hollister vice president and part owner of Pakalolo Supply Company, as well as our lead cultivator, who will be speaking at 3 o’clock on Saturday. We encourage you all to come check it out and would mahalo any support you could come show us.  It is always good to learn the ins and outs of a new booming industry in your own state and home town.  To show our appreciation for making it to the fair we will be giving out promo items as well as selling non marijuana items from our shop at a discounted price including Pakalolo MEDtainers and rolling tray that double as frisbees! The fair will be open 11am-6pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.  In the words of the THC Fair come “Grow, Process, Enjoy and Celebrate” with us!  Don’t worry the store will still be open regular hours on Saturday for all your cannabis needs!

Common Kings Return to Fairbanks

We are also more than pleased to announce that we are a ticket outlet for the Common Kings concert at the Blue Loon on July 1st!  Common Kings is a very talented group that plays feel-good reggae music with rock, hip-hop and R&B influences.  Their style dances along musical genre borders, borrowing different features from each and combining them into a wonderful sound that will undoubtedly make you feel better than good.


This is their second trip to Fairbanks and we can say from personal experience that the first show was amazing.  Some of us went to the first show not knowing what to expect personally, due to the fact I was introduced to their music in 20 minutes of youtube videos right before getting in the cab to head to the concert at the Blue Loon.  Wow! I was missing out. They blew me away rocking the show with high energy and played like it was their hometown venue.  The crowd absolutely loved it, and in its entirety, was waving hands and calling back lines to the songs.  One thing we noticed at the last concert is their live shows are amazing. They really bring the energy and the party even more than recorded music versions of their music which had a more laid back feel.  This is what I loved about it so much.  They knew when to rock and how to put on a good show, then when it was time to turn it down and slow down the vibe they knew how to roll.  Their new album is hot! We’ve been playing it in the store playlist especially the new tracks “Mary Wanna” and “License to Smoke!” Fits our vibe just right, yeah? 😉  We couldn’t be more pumped so please come join us at Blue Loon for the Common Kings show!  Pakalolo Supply Company is a ticket outlet so when you stop buy you can purchase tickets here for $35 and anything you might need to enhance your show experience! We believe this thing could easily sell out so don’t wait too long!


When you come see us to get your tickets you can also choose from different featured cultivators strains such as fan favorites Snow White and Blueberry from Alaska Cannabis Cultivators as well as many of our own Pakalolo Grown strains including Green Crack and  award winning Aloha CBD.  We also have a healthy selection of prerolls including our Manager’s Special: Sour Banana Sherbert Joints for $12 from ACC.  We will also be releasing more of our 31.7% Chernobyl Palms on Friday, but you blog readers are getting the first heads up about it! Check out our full menu at…


As always, mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog.  See you soon.


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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