Bringing Home the Metal

Aloha my friends!  Summer is in full gear and we are back into our usual groove after a couple months of intense preparation for what culminated in an amazing experience in Anchorage at the Cannabis Classic.  It was very fun to be able to meet and converse with those who have also been working hard to make the cannabis industry a reality in the state of Alaska just as we have.  In a sense it was a celebration of how far we have all came together since the day the people of our state decided retail cannabis should be legal.  At the event we got to step outside of our normal setting and show the rest of the industry how much passion we put into our natural cultivation and normalizing the sale of marijuana while also seeing what others have to offer.  We also had the pleasure of meeting consumers outside of our direct market to introduce them to our products such as Pakalolo Palms and The Incredible Edible Kit.  Prior to the event we were able to get those specific products to AK Fireweed, a retail cannabis store in Anchorage, so those who were interested in Pakalolo Supply Co. products at the convention had the convenient pleasure of being able to drive down the street to 4th Ave and make the purchase.  This gave them the opportunity to really get to know our products.

Conventions, celebrations and trade-shows are all vital for the long term success of the industry and the Cannabis Classic was a great start to many more opportunities to engage with consumers and other businesses.  It allows for these connections, important to a successful business, to be made while celebrating each others hard work and successes. Speaking of successes, we aren’t shy to say we had a few of our own at the Cannabis Classic!

The award show got off to a great start as someone dear to us got to be the first to walk up on stage and accept a trophy.  For that reason we would also like to give a very special shout out to Sarah Dubowski.  She kept her ear close the the industry throughout the the process of legalization and reported the stories most valuable to the public.  She worked very hard to keep the town of Fairbanks informed of anything that had to do with the emerging cannabis industry and she did it with style.  Her reporting, broadcasting and video features are some of the best in the state and for those reasons, and many more, she brought home Best Cannabis Reporter in Alaska! We are incredibly happy for her and proud to call her a part of the PSC ‘Ohana. Congratulations Sarah!


From that point the night only got better.  Thanks to our die hard patrons we were able to bring home two more of the public poll voted trophies to Fairbanks to help cement our home town as the cannabis capital of Alaska.  The first award PSC won was Best Packaging and Design, which is something that we put a ton of thought into over the last 8 months.  We have always wanted our packaging and design to stand out from the rest and we think we have accomplished that in a number of ways.  For example, when someone pulls out a green pop-top container and you hear that familiar pop sound followed by a pungent, delicious smell, without thinking twice you know they stopped by Pakalolo Supply Company.   If its your buddies birthday and someone busts out a glass tube with a palm leaf blunt inside to celebrate the moment, then you know without a doubt that he/she has a one of a kind Pakalolo Palm.


That was our intention and we are so pleased that you noticed because branding is important in any new industry for a number of reasons.  You need to set your self a part aesthetically from the business next door but more importantly we want to give a little something extra to our customers. For instance, a reusable glass tube with a cork stopper from picking up some Palms or a box with a magnetic closure and some stickers from taking home the Edible Kit, or even just more info then the next store.  You will know more about the strain you are buying by reading the “Pakalolo Grown” strain cards we have began attaching to our pop-tops.  These cards have additional information about the strain including lineage and terpene results.


These small extras give our products a quality feel which helps push our goal of normalizing this industry by making the customers feel good about their purchase.  We don’t want to sell you weed in a plastic (mylar) bags, smashing the buds, like its still the black market because that defeats the purpose. We care immensely about the product we put in it, so we ought to take care in choosing what we put it in, right?  We will continue to push the envelope in the packaging and design department to ensure that you feel confident and excited about buying our products.  Again, we sincerely appreciate the time that you took each day to vote for Pakalolo Supply Company.  We are both grateful and honored to be on your minds and we cannot stress that enough. MAHALO!

Best Branding Award Photo


But we weren’t done yet! The next award we brought home was that which took the metaphorical cake…

Drum roll please……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Award Winning Pakalolo Crew

We feel this award encompasses all the employees at PSC and every single little thing that we put work into as one badass, well-oiled cannabis cultivating, product pushing machine. The Hollister’s have dedicated the last 3 years of their lives building a company from the ground up in the uncharted cannabis industry.  After building the foundation they brought together a team, which really feels more like an ‘Ohana (family), that all carry a passion for cannabis from their pasts.  While the Hollister’s continue to pave the way in the industry and make connections, as well as directing, upgrading and expanding the company, the Pakalolo ‘Ohana is constantly growing and grinding to fulfill the growing lists of duties involved in running the first legal cannabis cultivation company and retail store in our great State of Alaska.  It starts with the research, technique and labor that the cultivation team provides who then eventually hands the cured flower over to the attention-devoted weighing, rolling and packaging team who also transitions into the knowledgeable and friendly budtending staff when the doors open.  They will help our patrons choose from our well designed and innovative products that you can only get at PSC… BOOYAH!  We have been recognized for the way we did it and we are more than proud.  We are honored and grateful to everyone of you who have supported us in a plethora of ways.  We literally could NOT have won either of these awards without you…


We also entered a number of strains into the actual flower competition and we did alright if I do say so myself.  Our beloved signature strain Mauna Kea White Fire OG is now an award winning strain! Here are the over all results from the competition:



As you can see in the “Overall Scores” above, all 4 strains we entered – Mauna Kea Whitefire OG, Alaskan Blueberry, Pele Fire OG and Aloha CBD – finished in the top 10 (actually, the top 9!) with scores given by judges.  It should also be noted the participating judges were not given any information about the strains including the strains’ names, test results or who it was grown by.  This ensures that no favorites are obvious, whether it be strains or growers.  With those safeguards in place we placed second in each of the 3 categories and third place in one of those as well:

2nd Place Hybrid: Mauna Kea WFOG

2nd Place Sativa: AK Blueberry

2nd Place Indica: Pele Fire OG

3rd Place Indica: Aloha CBD

We would like to congratulate those that took first place in each category.  You all brought some great strains to the table and it was a pleasure to be able to compete and push each other to cultivate better cannabis.  But watch out for us next year because we are coming for that gold medal! Still, We are incredibly happy with our scores as they reaffirm our all-natural cultivation techniques do in fact result in our cannabis becoming the best smelling, looking and tasting bud in the state of AK. We hope they also reaffirms your beliefs that Pakalolo Supply Company is the best place place to be purchasing your legal cannabis in the entire state. After all, we did win Best Cannabis Store in AK 😉

In case you were unaware, we have once again expanded our hours and are now open 6 days/week Monday through Saturday.  We are on a 1pm to 8pm schedule on weekdays while opening 1 hour earlier at noon on Saturdays.  Looking at our product selection this week we have replenished our edible supply with MoMo’s Cannachews, Butterscotch Brownies and Lemon Dreams. Coincidentally, Einstein Labs also dropped off some edibles…. LEAFCHEWS!


Leafchews are premium distillate hash oil infused fruit chews.  They are comparable to Starbursts in form and available in the two flavors pictured above.  Each package comes with 10 chews @ 5mg of THC per chew for the low price of $45.


The Incredible Edible Kits are now only $99 with tax! A kit that allows you to bake 15 cannabis infused Hawaiian Hula Cookies which is great value.  If you like edibles, and you like baking, then I’m telling you, this product is for you. As for flower, we will also be getting test results back from Steep Hill Labs this week for our Pakalolo Grown strains which means you will be seeing them in our store soon after (My guess is at least one of them this weekend).   Its always exciting waiting on new results for our own flower as we push our plants for higher terpene content using our natural grow techniques.  Like anyone, we like to beat our previous records with higher numbers, especially since we are the terpene record holder in Alaska as of now. We also have Alaska Cannabis Cultivators Alien Rift and Snow White back on the shelves.  We hope to see you all this week.  Once again, Mahalo for your support throughout the Cannabis Classic as we could NOT have done it with out you. It cannot be expressed enough! Aloha.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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