Cannabis Classic Ballots Now Open!

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Aloha PakaBloggers! We have now moved passed the nomination period and into official voting for the Cannabis Classic awards to be presented May 20 down in Anchorage, AK.  Since that is the case we wanted to dive into more detail about what exactly the Cannabis Classic is and how Pakalolo Supply Company will be participating in this awesome event.  Lets start out by giving you the official description found on their website at

“The Cannabis Classic is the premiere blind-tasting, consumer-judged US cannabis competition.  The Cannabis Classic was created to provide a platform for cannabis breeders and growers to gain the due and proper recognition they deserve for their hard work, skills and talent.  The goal with enlisting consumers as judges was to bring the people who regularly consumer these products together to decide which products deserve this prestigious recognition. We set out to create a fair competition by enlisting judges from all demographics, conceiving an event that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point, rather than an afterthought, in branding and product development.”

Just reading that puts a smile on my face thinking to myself, “We are in a weed competition in Alaska!”  It doesn’t get much cooler than that.  But it does, because this is more than just a competition.  It’s a celebration.  We are now about half of a year past the first legal cannabis sale in Alaska (which was here at PSC on 10/28!) and we get to celebrate all the hard work of individuals and companies have already accomplished by dedicating their life to cannabis after a lifetime of it being very illegal.  Other schedule 1 drugs include heroin and bath salts and share the characteristic that they have zero medical potential.  If you are reading the PakaBlog right now then you know that putting marijuana in that classification is, for the lack of a better term, asinine (maybe even asiten).

We have come a long way since that classification was made and our mission of fighting that nonsense by normalizing the sale and consumption of cannabis involves participating in events like the Cannabis Classic. That’s why we decided to be the “Presenting Sponsor” which is why our beautiful logo can be seen smack dab in the middle of their new banner pictured above.  Those behind the scenes of the Cannabis Classic have been working diligently for two years since cannabis was legalized in Alaska to make this the premier marijuana event in Alaska. We appreciate their determination and faith in the industry as we have had and for that reason we are going all out at the Cannabis Classic and we want to involve our patrons as much as possible.  We will be updating the PakaBlog regularly with news going forward as well as lighting up the social media lines with pics and info tidbits.  However, we still have plenty to get into today!


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As the presenting sponsor we are going to be rolling deep with our entire team and will be involved in and sponsoring every event at the Cannabis Classic. We will have the feature booth bringing the aloha, sharing our mission and goals for the future,  showcasing our product lineup, making connections and handing out swag such as shirts and stickers like the one above.  We want to be spreading the aloha spirit across our state while also politely and intelligently showing that Fairbanks, The Golden Heart City, is also the heart of the new cannabis industry in Alaska.  Our growers will be presenting at the educational seminar talking about our natural growing methods, KNF practices and no-till farming techniques.  We will also cover terpenes, the compounds that give our cannabis its onolicious smell and taste, and how they raise marijuana to a whole new grade of quality in appearance, smell and taste.  We will be present at every event going related to the Cannabis classic and are looking forward to meeting others in the industry to learn as much as possible. A few of our signature strains will be entered into the contest and we will see if we have what it takes for the judges to agree that we have the best marijuana in the state! While we are representing Fairbanks and the industry down at the Classic, we will likely have one Saturday (May 20th) here in Fairbanks with closed doors or a skeleton crew manning the shop.  If you won’t be down there make sure to stock up on Friday for the weekend.  If you are considering the trip down to Anchorage to check out everything the event and the Alaskan cannabis industry has to offer, then you will:  A. undoubtedly run into the Pakalolo team at Cannabis Classic events, and B. be able to find different Pakalolo products in select stores in the Anchorage area for the weekend!

At its heart this Cannabis Classic has a purpose to bring the industry together to make connections, learn and promote cannabis business.  However, the driving force to make it actually happen with a big turn out is the competition.  The chance to be recognized as the best in all of Alaska’s Cannabis industry will bring almost every related business to the event and following will be all the people who love to support this industry and want to have their say in voting for their favorites.  The voting is done by the consumers so it really shows which business has really impressed the public so get out and vote! And don’t forget you can vote once a day!  It’s really a brilliant idea so once again cheers to the Cannabis Classic and their hard work.

Here are the numerous awards that can be voted for at

  • Best Cannabis Retail Store
  • Best Budtender
  • Best Retail Product
  • Best Retail Packaging and Design
  • Best Testing Laboratory
  • Best Garden Supply Store
  • Best Glass Shop
  • Best Cannabis Reporter

Big mahalos to our awesome patrons, we have been nominated for every award applicable in this years Cannabis Classic Industry Awards Apparently some of you were even thinking about yours truly when you voted for nominees because the PakaBlog was even nominated for the Best Cannabis Reporter.  I was pleasantly surprised and from everyone here we are sincerely grateful for the support you have shown to our company with nominating us for a number of awards… THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Let’s talk a little bit about the specific nominations.

Best Cannabis Store of the Year

Starting off we are nominated for Best Cannabis store of the year which is our most desired award.  As our main goal being to normalize the industry, we have put a lot of work into creating a friendly, safe, comfortable and educational environment for our customers to come to and confidently purchase marijuana 100% legally.  Our store is roomy and well lit.  There are 4 registers and budtenders at any given time to eliminate any long waiting.  We have high definition flat screens displaying our menu so if you end up having a short wait at our peak hours you can be looking at what we have available for you before you get up to the register.  Once you do get to the register there is a physical menu and our budtenders are very knowledgeable and eager to help with any questions or concerns you might have.  We have display cases with smell jars, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, wraps, apparel and more.  We have been putting a lot of work into making our packaging have a consumer feel with our pop tops and some of our new products which I will touch on here shortly.   We haven’t taken any shortcuts in our cultivation either as we use Korean natural farming methods and no-till farming giving our flower the highest terpenes (flavor and aroma) in Alaska.  If you agree help us get this award by voting every day for Pakalolo Supply Company at  Let’s try to bring that trophy home to Fairbanks!

Many of you have met and even become acquainted with our budtenders here at PSC. They are all fantastic people and I’m very happy to now call them my friends.  Here are small profiles on each of our budtenders that got nominated for Best Budtender:

Chris Ray


Recent Favorite Strain:

Hulk Breath from his personal cultivation.

Chris loves spending time with his rascal of a doggy.  He also enjoys cultivating cannabis and smoking the final product.  “I’m excited, my crop almost done!”


Kayelayn Brendel


Recent Favorite Strain: Mauna Kea White Fire OG

Kayelayn loves family time with her husband and daughter.  She also enjoys crafts, music and movies. “Anyone that knows me also knows i’m the Pop-culture Queen!”


Lexii Griefe


Recent Favorite Strain:

Mixing Aloha CBD and Mauna Kea Whitefire OG

Lexii spends a lot of time with her friends and family.  “I like to just be outdoors in the sun, blowing trees.”

Jordan Hollister


Recent Favorite Strain:    Shiva Sativa

Jay loves Spending time with his family on the beach of Hawaii, where they lived until December, having a barbecue.  “I’m Hawaiian man!”


David Castro


Favorite Strain: Alaskan Blueberry

Hobbies: Gaming (Overwatch) and trying new strains with friends. David recently moved to Alaska from Pennsylvania after finishing earning his bachelors in psychology.  He enjoys pizza.

“Cannabis is important to me because I truly believe that it helps people and I really like to help people.”

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the budtending team here at Pakalolo, you can go vote for our all star staff daily at

Best Packaging and Design

As I mentioned before our product design and packaging is something we really put a lot of thought into.  We are constantly thinking about how to present something in a way that makes it exciting, convenient and fun to purchase.  While the majority of the cannabis for sale in Alaska is packaged in the same super cheap and quickly thrown in the trash mylar bags,  Here at Pakalolo, the way you receive your final product matters to us and we just couldn’t let your buds get mangled like that.  That led us to our pop tops! The pop tops are colorful and fun but more importantly they are very durable and can be recycled here at the front entrance at Pakalolo!  For that matter, all of our packaging is recyclable.  You don’t want to hang on to those new glass tubes from the Maninis or Palms, or your even the box from the edibles kit, bring it back to us on your next visit and we’ll handle it for you instead of letting it fill up a dumpster!  We put a lot of thought into this and are really excited that we were nominated for Best Packaging and Design. We hope that we’ve earned your vote in this category as well.



Best Retail Product

Once again we are incredibly honored by each and every one of your nominations and so stoked to have received multiple nominations for Cannabis Classic Product of the Year.  The nominations are for our, Mauna Kea (strain), Shiva Sativa (strain), Pakalolo Palms, Supajoints, and The Incredible Edible Kit.

The Incredible Edible Kit, an all inclusive kit for making your own delicious Hawaiian flavored infused cookies.  The kit comes with the needed items that can help you successfully make you 12-18 cannabis infused Hawaiian cookies at your desired potency at a fantastic value.  So far the legal market has really lacked quality and distribution in the edibles realm.  Typically we’ve seen that a cookie/brownie/etc. is going to run you around $25-35 at a retail store.  The Incredible Edible Kit, at $125, will get you much more for a lower price per cookie.  You also have the ability to make some now/some later, dial in the potency to exactly how YOU want it, rather that what the regulations allow for premade edibles. The box is perfect for putting the finished cookies back in to give as a gift, as it is high quality, durable, pretty, and has a magnetic closure flap (what cool packaging, they should get an award for that 😉 )

Another Pakalolo Supply Co. item that has earned a nomination for product of the year is our Pakalolo Palms.  A one of a kind product, available exclusively Pakalolo Supply Co. Pakalolo Palms are pre-rolled, pre filled palm leaf wraps that are actually real palm tree leaves with a corn cob crutch in the mouth piece that spreads, smooths and cools the smoke as you inhale.  They don’t have any tobacco taste like regular cigars so you can truly taste the Pakalolo grown, craft cannabis that is hand packed inside each Pakalolo Palm.  The palm leaf wraps are grown organically and are 100% tobacco and chemical free, just like our cannabis, leaving you with the tastiest, smoothest, most luxurious cannabis cigar you can find anywhere.  The cigar itself is unique but so is the way we package it in a glass test tube so you can see the beauty of these babies, with a cork stopper to seal in the freshness and its own logo that further matches our Hawaiian spirit.  We absolutely love them and are confident that if you haven’t tried one and fallen in love yet, you will soon!


Many of you are familiar with our SupaJoint line up including the original SupaJoints, that will start to be called Big Kahuna’s and now the new Manini joints (tiny two packs) that are also packaged in smaller reusable glass test tubes with cork stoppers.  We are adding a new team member to the SupaJoint lineup that will release this Saturday and we think it is gonna knock it out of the park (It’s finally baseball season)!  This is the most practical and normalizing product we have thought up yet.  Introducing the Supa Sidekick Sixpack!  A child safe plastic container that looks similar to those old school metal cigarette cases with 6 medium sized SupaJoints inside it.  Chances are you will keep it right by your side hence the name SupaSidekick, not to mention every SupaHero needs a sidekick.  We feel like this is absolutely perfect for summertime in Alaska! They are perfect for taking with you on a long hike, fishing trip, golf course, hunting….I could go on and on and on but I think you get my drift.  mini logo 4


If you enjoy any of these products please go show us your support at by casting your votes for Pakalolo Supply Company, Pakalolo budtenders, Pakalolo Packaging and Pakalolo Products.  We also have many of our flagship strains such as Mauna Kea White Fire OG and Shiva on the Best Product list so if you are more of a straight flower person you can still vote!

We are also nominated for Cannabis News Reporter of the Year in the form of the PakaBlog that you are currently reading.  We couldn’t believe that our humble little blog earned a nomination alongside such awesome real life journalists as DJ Summers, Whitney Branshaw, Laurel Andrews and Fairbanks own, Sarah Dubowski from Channel 11, not to mention everyone’s favorite podcast, Far North Tokers with Mid Toker.  All of these are amazing journalists/reporters/broadcasters that have worked alongside the industry to keep the Alaskan people informed.  Ever since our opening day, we have strived to stay in touch with our customers.  This industry took off like a rocket, but as you all know there were bumps in the road and setbacks for the entire industry.  This made it extremely important for us to cut out the middle man and get information about what is going on behind the scenes at our shop and as a new industry as a whole straight from us to you.  We weren’t sure if anyone would read it, but decided to put the info out there.  It really feels good to get recognized for your hard work especially when you weren’t suspecting it.  We have grown a following of those who like to check back regularly and check out what is new in our world of cannabis and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are glad that what we give you to read is worth your time and it’s shown by the nomination.  Mahalo! However, before we were nominated we were actually pushing for a great experienced (actual) reporter here in Fairbanks that works for KTVF-11 to win Best Cannabis Reporter.  Sarah Dubowski has reported on cannabis industry news throughout the last couple years through the legalization process, all while following nearly every non cannabis story in Fairbanks simultaneously.  She has reported on all the different facets ranging from the setbacks and the successes of individual cannabusinesses such as ours to the latest information from the Marijuana Control Board, Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly, Fairbanks City Council or wherever else the local happenings take her.  Her stories are reported to the whole town of Fairbanks on Channel 11 each night and cannabis is only one very small part of all the news brought to the Fairbanks community by our friend.  Thanks Sarah we have already put our vote in for you! (sorry Whitney, Laurel, Mid, DJ, et al, but we know Anchorage has your back, us folks up North have to stick together to survive!)

As you can probably tell we are very pumped about the Cannabis Classic.  It is something that helps to cement the normalization of retail marijuana and we are more than happy to be able to play such a big roll in it. Once again thank you for all your support and we will continue to drop news here on the PakaBlog and our social media outlets as well.  We hope to see some of you down at the Classic on May 20 because it is going to be a pivotal moment in the history of cannabis in Alaska. Don’t forget that you can go vote for the Cannabis Classic Industry Awards daily at so go vote often so we can bring some hardware home!  Thanks for stopping by da PakaBlog. Mahalo!


Strain Drop Saturday!

Greetings and salutations PakaBloggers.  In case you didn’t notice (yeah right) its 45 degrees today in Fairbanks.  That is positive 45 which is around 80 degrees warmer than what it was just over a month ago, and boy does it feel good!  Obviously you are not here for the weather so lets jump right in to this week’s update.

Tomorrow marks the first official “Strain Drop Saturday” where we will be releasing a new strain or product for purchase at Pakalolo Supply Company.  In fact, this week we are doing both a new strain and a new product! We got the idea from last Saturday when we released the Incredible Edible Kit.  I’ll tell you a little about this magical kit just in case you haven’t seen or heard about it yet. Considering the edibles market has been so awful thus far and Fairbanks has really made it clear that they are ready for them, we were forced to do some outside the box thinking to serve you better on this front.  We took one of the great ideas that we were able to come up with in the box-less abyss and packed into a both elegant and wondrous box that is full of edible potential for only $125. The edible kit contains everything you need in a reusable high quality box that will allow you make 12-18 cannabis infused coconut oil that can go directly into the Hawaiian Hula Cookies mix at a potency that is right for you.  Hula cookies come in 8 different flavors and believe us when we tell you these cookies are soooo ONO! (delicious)

As always we encourage the mantra Start Low & Go Slow.  


Another awesome new product will be hitting the shelves this weekend for your smoking pleasure.  In a previous post I mentioned we would have something that was kind of on the high roller/lavish side.  This is what you want to bring to with you to go celebrate whether it be an event, a holiday or even just the weekend.  Introducing the Pakalolo Palms….


Pakalolo Palms are King Palms organic palm leaf wraps, which are made from actual palm tree leaves with a corn cob crutch in the mouth piece that filters and cools down the smoke as you pull it through, packed to the brim of our highest quality, most tasty strains we have ever grown here at our own cultivation.  Some of these strains are some that you will recognize. However, you may see private reserve strains or phenotypes that tested much higher in THC, CBD and/or terpenes.  Only our finest flower goes into these handcrafted palm cigars (blunts)  They come in reusable glass tubes with a cork stopper as you can see in the image above.  Tomorrow we will have Pakalolo Palms with 30% THC Headband, 20% Cluster Bomb,  and 20% Northern Lights Let me tell you from experience that Pakalolo Palms get ‘er done!  The palm tree leaves add no extra flavor so you can taste the highest terpene flower in the state.  They burn evenly and smoothly as the smoke is spread and cooled through the corn cob crutch.  But don’t take my word for it, come and burn a Pakalolo Palm for yourself and get a free palms post card of the graphic seen above for free. We are also releasing a new strain from Alaska Cannabis Cultivators tomorrow.  Strawberry Banana Sherbert coming in at 23.77% THC.  The Leafly description is as follows :

“Strawberry Banana is a 70/30 indica-dominant cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana inherits a sweet fruity flavor that earned this hybrid her name. Known for its heavy resin production and high THC content, Strawberry Banana produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.”

In other news,  Pakalolo Supply Company is officially the presenting sponsor of the Alaska Cannabis Classic!  You can read more about it here.  We are very excited about the largest cannabis event in Alaska, taking place down in Anchorage May 20-21.  We are making big plans for this weekend to say the least 😉 We will have all the details about the Cannabis Classic and our plans for the big show in a blog post early next week.


That’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen but stay tuned as we will have another post about terpenes as well as one about the cannabis classic very soon. We hope to see you for the first Strain Drop Saturday here at Pakalolo supply Company. Mahalo!