Incoming Update

Aloha! We hope that you are enjoying your weekend and enhancing it with some Pakalolo Pua Mana (Marijuana Flower Power). Perhaps relaxing after a long week of work or getting out in warming weather as we creep closer to spring. We have a tad bit of news on what is incoming to Pakalolo Supply Company. Some of this news relates to a certain type of product that many of you have been patiently waiting for…. BUT we will get to that in just a minute but first we want to give you an update on the seeds our new signature Hawaiian strains that we started last week. Those precious, rare seeds of Maui Mango Diesel and the Caramel Kona Coffee Kush are now the upgraded status of…. SEEDLINGS! While that may seem like minor news it is very reassuring that the seeds are showing signs of the beginning of a healthy plant life.  It is especially exciting because these are two new strains that were just recently bred.  Just to emphasize that, it did not exist a year ago.  When you walk out of our store with a gold poptop containing one of these strains, you will know that you are among the first people in the world, besides a select group of Hawaiians, to experience the Maui Mango Diesel and the Caramel Kona Coffee Kush! I personally think that’s pretty darn cool.  Can’t wait to pop a few of those gold poptops and be transported to the tropical islands myself.  Everyone could use a vacation!

Think of all the.. POTENTIAL!

In other news, the addition of clones to our retail selection has been quite the hit.  People of all levels of experience, from first timers to veterans, are walking out with a baby plant in hand (that we have packaged securely of course).  It is really fun to speak with those who have never grown marijuana about possibly purchasing clones. You see the wheels in their head start to turn, realizing the potential of that baby plant as they begin working out how they can manage to grow some weed at their house.  I’ll give you a hint if you are asking yourself that question right now… Consistency is the key.  As long as you can be consistent with watering, feeding, etc. then you can be successful.  Of course there is some research that needs to be done as well but that’s what the internet is for!  If you are curious please come in and ask any questions you might have because we are more than happy to discuss it with you as well. We currently have Northern Lights and Green Crack clones on the shelf ready to be adopted so come say hello.

We know a lot of people have been anxious for shops to start offering concentrates. For those of you that don’t know, concentrates are pure forms of extracted THC/CBD stripped from the plant matter using various methods.  We are very excited to announce upcoming products coming from our friends at Einstein Labs in Anchorage.  These guys are the real deal, so expect some awesome things from them found here on the shelves at Pakalolo Supply Company very soon. First up in their lineup of products will be concentrate vape pens and shatter!! Allllllright! 🙂 They are in the process of getting everything extracted, tested and packaged for retail as we speak. We will keep you updated over the next couple weeks….


We have another flower room closing in on harvest containing returning favorites such as Mauna Kea WFOG, Northern Lights and the newest on the team, AK Blueberry! Should be about 2-3 weeks out with harvest, drying and testing.  Until then we have plenty to go around and we are open every Friday and Saturday.  You can view our full menu at  Hope to see you soon at Pakalolo Supply Company and we’ll talk on the PakaBlog next weekend. Mahalo!

Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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