Behind Closed Doors

Greetings fellow Fairbanksans, and happy new year! The days leading up to Christmas we had an increased flow of eager customers as any retail shop does.  Whether you were picking up some pop tops full of joy as gifts, or picking up a some Christmas trees to light up yourself, you pretty much cleaned us out!  This is a relatively good problem to have and we are very, very appreciative of your patronage. By now many of you have discovered that we have not been open for business our normal hours of operation.  In fact we have not been open at all since Christmas besides New Year’s Eve, which we opened the doors for one last push to get as many customers stocked up to bring in the new year. Unfortunately, our doors will now be closed short-term as we harvest, trim and cure our next crop and get samples of flower down to CannTest in Anchorage for testing, once the bud is appropriately cured.  These processes together will take about two weeks giving us the opportunity to open our doors the week of January 16.  We know that this news is disappointing and can be frustrating for those that depend on us to get their cannabis. Believe me when I see that we are just as disappointed and wish nothing more than to be able to open our doors everyday for our normal operating hours to ensure that as many of you as possible are happily supplied with the highest quality marijuana in town. As the industry continues to grow in 2017, this wish will become a reality.

We are currently expanding our cultivation so that we can keep up with the outstanding demand of the North Star Borough.  Also, more local cultivators will get their licensing and begin to ween their baby plants into their adult life where they will produce beautiful, fully cured buds to put on our shelves giving us a larger variety of strains.  Then as the number of licensed cultivators grows in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, hopefully less of the product cultivated here will be sent down to Anchorage for the larger margin.  These processes will take time in an industry that is as closely monitored as legal retail marijuana.  There are no corners to cut and we pride ourselves on doing things the way they are intended and required by the state.  We want to be the marijuana retail and cultivation facility that is used as an example for following guidelines. It will show the state, and those that are not convinced, that legalizing marijuana was the right choice. That it can be as normal as purchasing a bottle of wine  (not to mention less harmful) while generating enormous amounts of revenue for our mighty state of Alaska.    This will help to normalize an industry that right now is still heavily scrutinized by some.

Though our doors are closed to the public our team is still very hard at work everyday at Pakalolo Supply Company so that when we open them back up we can bring you the best experience purchasing cannabis in the state.   Right now members of our team are prepping for reopening by harvesting, trimming and packaging product and our master growers are constantly putting in work into our ever evolving cultivation.  Our plants live the duration of their entire life in 4×4 beds using a method called no-till farming. No-till farming is exactly what it sounds like.  The soil in the beds is treated like a living organism as it is very microbial rich and is never replaced, or tilled..  The same soil, which is basically untouched, is used again for the next batch of plants.

Notice the green cover over the soil

This creates an ecosystem in each of the 4×4 beds and increases the amount of water that infiltrates into the soil, organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients making the soil more resilient. This allows each batch of plants, due to the evolution of the bed, to result in better looking, smelling and tasting flower with higher THC or CBD percentages and terpene content (flavor and smell).  We also support the growth of our plants using made in-house, all natural nutrients made using Korean farming methods.  This involves the use of fruit, vegetables and herb as well as the process of fermentation to break down and recycle the waste created by the cannabis plants.  Though we pride ourselves on quality above quantity, as we reach the pinnacle of evolution in our no-till beds and our plants are producing the highest quality marijuana in the state, the yields will follow lead and grow as well.  As this happens we will continue to increase our level of production to fit as many plants as possible to happily grow in “the old Frito-lay place”.


We are also updating our retail store front in a number of ways.  The next time you walk into Pakalolo Supply Co. you will notice that it is easier to see what is currently being offered on our menu.  Instead of having to glance at the paper menu taped to the glass on the way in the door, or wait until you get to the front of the line to get your hands on that piece of paper, you will notice beautiful full HD  40″ televisions mounted to the wall behind the counters.  These monitors will display our menu in a colorful and easy to read manner.


This will allow you to view the menu as you wait in line or browse the store while waiting for your turn at the register with one of our knowledgeable budtenders.  That way customers will more often know what they want when they get to the counter.  This will help to get ganja in the customer’s pocket and out the door more conveniently and comfortably.  This is not to say we want customers rushing themselves by any means.  We are more than happy to answer any questions, elaborate on any concerns and let people view and smell the product before purchasing.  After all making the purchase in a legal retail cannabis shop is half the fun and something we have all been waiting on for decades. We think the TV menus are going to look pretty slick in our store front and we can’t wait to see what you think!

Going forward we will be posting a “Weekly Update,” similar to this one every Friday as close to noon as possible.  It will contain updates about new strains, product, upgrades to our facility as well as any news effecting our business hours (which we hope will not happen very often, or ever).  Besides the “Weekly Update,” we hope to have other occasional snap shot posts about marijuana, our cultivation, employees and other miscellaneous topics centered around our store and this industry. We encourage you to take a minute every day to check our website @ to view our menu and read the PakaBlog for any and all information that you could possibly need about Pakalolo Supply Company.

Once again we would like apologize for the inconvenience of cutting back our business hours and thank your for your understanding.  We should have our doors open the week of January 16 and hope to see all of you here.  Mahalo!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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