Happy Turkey Day Fairbanks!

We are oh so grateful.

We truly hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving to its fullest potential, and yes, the pun was intended! We hope your insides are as overstuffed as a turkey is with dressing because there is nothing better than the marathon of eating, drinking and lounging that we get to gratefully enjoy with our families and loved ones to celebrate this traditional American holiday. Whether you go all out at home with a giant feast inviting everyone you know, or you still go to your mom’s place so you can watch football while she happily prepares the best meal you will have all year, Thanksgiving never gets old and it never will.  Though the holiday has come and gone, there is still so much to be thankful for.  For example we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support Fairbanks is showing to us at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Every single day at 3:00 pm when we open our doors there is a line of enthusiastic Fairbanksans of all walks of life, ranging from first timers to experienced marijuana connoisseurs, stretching out into our parking lot.  This is not only important to us but to the marijuana industry as a whole and many of you, if not all, understand that.  There is strong passion for marijuana that is expressed every day by our customers visiting our retail store.  Sometimes the passion is expressed verbally but other other times you can just see the excitement in the customers eyes.  The people of Alaska spoke with the vote to legalize and your actions continue to show that it was not a mistake.  For us, it’s simply an amazing feeling to be a part of fulfilling a desire that so many people have wanted for as long as…. Well, forever! There are still some who do not agree with marijuana legalization and will continue to fight it going forward, which is why we want to express how thankful we are to each of our customers on Thanksgiving… THANK YOU!!!

As you may know already, Pakalolo Supply Co. is taking advantage of the holiday to take and short break and will be closed for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend and will reopen on Monday, November 28 for business.  However, when we open on Monday we will be opening with a brand new strain called Shiva on our shelves that everyone at Pakalolo is very eager to try themselves.



Shiva, testing at 24% THC, is a rare sativa strain that was grown in our own cultivation facility requiring flowering for 14 weeks, which is about twice as long most hybrid strains. Sativa strains are rare in part due to the time required to bloom as well as there tendency to stretch and get very tall.  For that reason people used genetics to create hybrid strains that have shorter bloom phases and smaller, more manageable plants  The fact that they are rare is exactly why we were willing to put in the time and effort to bring it to our store front.  The high from sativa strains is energizing, cerebral and well suited for daytime use. They are also said to promote deep conversation and enhance creativity and can also give you a sense of well being and happiness making it ideal for social situations.  We are very thrilled to be able to bring something unique into our store and curious to see what each and everyone of you think about it.  We only have a limited amount of Shiva of so if you intend on giving it a try the early bird gets the worm! 😉 See you on Monday.






Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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