Vote Pakalolo Supply Company for the 2019 Fairbanks Readers Choice Awards!

Aloha and salutations! We hope you’re getting the most out of this beautiful summer we’ve been having as solstice fast approaches. Speaking of fast approaching, voting has already begun for the 2019 Daily News-miner Readers Choice Awards! For those of you that are not familiar the Readers Choice Awards,  it is a poll put on by the local newspaper to determine which businesses consumers prefer in the city of Fairbanks/North Pole areas in varying categories.


Last year Pakalolo Supply Company came in second place in the cannabis retailer category.  We were very pleased to get second place but we are all about reaching sky high (pun intended). This year we want to bring home that number 1 spot and we need your help.  Unfortunately, we are off to a late start as voting began on June 7th and we were not aware until yesterday, doh! That’s OK though because we have until July 1st along with the most amazing patrons to help us get caught up on the voting. The best part is that you can vote daily!

To make it easy we have a link straight to the page where you can vote for us with a single click as you can see in the image below.  All you have to do is click this link right HERE then once you are the page just click the green “VOTE” button and you have voted for the day.  Notice I say day and that is because you can vote daily!  That means each day you can cast a vote for Pakalolo Supply Company by visiting the link above.  To make it easier on yourself you can bookmark it the first time so you can quickly revisit the page each day.


As always we truly appreciate your support.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without it.


Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop – Holly’s Cookies for Ovarian Cancer

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope your enjoying this fine June afternoon.  It’s hard not to when every sunny day has been a picture perfect 70+ degrees! Summertime in Fairbanks is a string of one activity after the next.  Before you know it you are done with one and onto the next so it’s best to stay stocked up on your cannabis in case you don’t have time to hit the store.  This weekend is the perfect time to load up because we have a bunch of new exciting products to try out including cartridges, edibles, CBD products and…. Another brand new Pakalolo Grown Strain! We won’t waste any time, let us take a look at what we got.

Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop Saturday

This weekend we are releasing a very special strain that was given to us by a long time patron and friend that became ohana to us here at Pakalolo Supply Company, Holly G.

Holly was, like so many others, in the hardest fight of her life against unrelenting cancer.  Her outward attitude remained strong and positive throughout.  Every time she visited Pakalolo she would brighten the moods of our entire staff with remembering everyone’s name and even employee birthdays.  She would also often leave a tip large enough to purchase the entire staff some cannabis and would instruct the staff to “Get High with Holly” tonight. She loved cannabis because it truly helped her enjoy her last days to the fullest with the relief it gave her from her cancer and the difficult cancer treatment.  Before she passed away she gave Pakalolo owner Keenan Hollister some seeds she never got the chance to grow herself. It took months and months before AMCO would change the regulations allowing us to gain approval of the new strain and add it to the mix in our cultivation department. We took it upon ourselves to cultivate those seeds in her honor and we were blessed with an outstanding strain.  The strain, originally named Cookie Jar is a cross between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Wifi Alien OG we are both honored and humbled to dub this phenotype, “Holly’s Cookies” as tribute to our friend. 

One of her most favorite things in the world was tropical scuba diving so we have made that activity the face of the strain sticker.  We also proudly show the ribbon that represents the fight against ovarian cancer.  For every gram purchased of Holly’s Cookies we will be donating $1 to Relay For Life in Holly’s honor.  


Dedicated to our friend Holly this hybrid has the telltale aroma of baked cookies with a pungent OG twist and a high of blissful euphoria coupled with full-body relaxation.


Total Cannabinoids: 30.1%

THCa: 28.4%

This ones for you Holly! 🙏  Available at both our Fairbanks and Anchorage Pakalolo locations Saturday with $1 per gram being donated to Relay for Life. A hui hou ohana!

New Items hitting the menu!

Introducing The Stoney Moose Kitchen


We are now carrying Stoney Moose edibles at both Pakalolo locations! They offer many baked goods as well as gummies.  Here’s a little bit about their company in their own words:

“Our mission is to provide fresh delicious handmade small batch artisan organic all natural treats goodies snacks candies to the consumer. Our packaging is recycled material plant plastics and compostable. The most important thing is a satisfied customer, someone happy with the taste and efficacy of our products.”

Let’s take a look at their products that are now on our menu!

Moose Chip Cookies


The classic chocolate chip cookie, baked fresh with all-natural and organic ingredients |  10mg

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Toasted cinnamon and sweet plum raisins combine with the whole oats and dark sugars for a delicious cookie |  5mg

Classic Pot Brownies


These OG brownies are made round for plenty of crusty, chewy edge while retaining that rich gooey center | 10mg



Made with premium ingredients blended to form the ultimate marshmallow rice-crisp delicious and addictive treat | 10mg

Gummy Squares


Two awesome flavors: citrus and  key lime. Made with all-natural flavors and colors |  25mg

Raw Energy Bites


Dates, cacao nibs, toasted almonds and cinnamon mixed together and coated with toasted coconut and a almond on top | 10mg

Top Hat Concentrates Reloaded

Top Hat CO2 extract cartridges are loaded and ready to rock.  We have a nice variety of strains and strain types all with good terpene content.  In fact some of them have OUTSTANDING terpene content at around 6% including our flagship Pakalolo Grown strain Mauna Kea! We also got a batch of Pakalo Grown Aloha CBD coming in with smooth a 2 to 1 CBD to THC ratio and a blend of Maui Pineapple Chunk and Aloha CBD that resulted in an outstanding flavor and a 1 to 1 THC/CBD ratio.

These CO2 cartridges are already inherently smooth due to the extraction process so when they have extra high terpene content like this they are very enjoyable.  Take a look at the strains below! (Available at both locations)


Canamo x Pakalolo Grown

Don’t forget that we teamed up with Canamo, who manufactures such a great variety of beautiful, high quality concentrates that they are hard not to be impressed by when you see them, let alone smoke them. Their products always have great physical consistency, bright color and amazing flavor.  That’s why we are beyond excited to collaborate with them by getting our unique, high terpene strains into their hands so that they could work their magic with some Pakalolo Grown flavors.  That’s precisely how it went down, the results are epic and we can’t wait to get them into your hands. Now available at both Pakalolo locations. Take a look at the products below including Atomic Citron a cross between Shiva and Chernobyl!


New CBD Edibles

We just got in a variety of new CBD edibles including Gummies infused with vitamins in addition to the CBD content.  We also got in a few different delectable chocolates from Honu CBD, a company well known for their cannabis edibles. Check out the new products below.


 If you are a fan of the Alaskan made Irie CBD Wellness Drops – full spectrum whole plant extract, you will be happy to know it is back on the menu in both locations!

TV MENU (FBKS) (31).png

That’s it for today’s post! We got lots of cool product for you to check out.  Stop by and say aloha and I will bid farewell with a mahalo! As always we appreciate you stopping by the Pakablog to chat with us. Until next time remember to hang loose ohana!


Strain Drop Saturday with Kona Coffee Cookies!

New Product from Canamo, Einstein Labs and more!

Aloha everyone! It’s going to be a dreary weekend but I think we might just have something that will brighten up your day!  We have a plethora of new products that will be hitting the menu over the course of the weekend including a brand new Pakalolo Grown strain for Strain Drop Saturday. But we don’t only a new strain from our cultivation, we also have in a new batch of concentrates from Canamo that are made from our delicious Pakalolo Grown Strains including Shiva x Chernobyl, Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster, Maui Mango Diesel and Ali’i Drive. We also got a new batch of concentrates and cartridges from our pals at Einstein Labs.  On top of that we are all restocked on both of these vendors amazing edibles.  What are we waiting for?! Let’s dive in!

Strain Drop Saturday



It’s always a good Saturday when we drop a BRAND new Pakalolo Grown strain for ya’ll to vibe with.  This new strain is a cross with one of our current popular strains Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and the ever famous Girl Scout Cookies.  We call it….

Kona Coffee Cookies

This heavy indica-leaning hybrid reeks of burnt sugar, doughy earth, and tropical flora. The flavor is as sweet and caramel-like as the aroma, but with spicy notes of hash on the finish!


Total Cannabinoids: 17.8%

THCA: 17.5%

Terpenes: 2.1% (Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene and Myrcene)

Pakalolo Grown x Canamo Concentrates

The first time we saw Canamo concentrates we were very impressed by the quality and consistency of their products.  Not only are they pleasing to the eye but once we smoked them we found out they are also very potent and very tasty.  That’s why we are very excited to share with you the newest batch of Concentrates Canamo made using our very own Pakalolo Grown strains.  We’ll start with the one we are the most eager to try our selves: Atomic Citron a cross between our Shiva and Chernobyl!

Atomic Citron Shatter | Total Cannabinoids: 91.1% | Total THC: 72.2% | THCV: 4.2%

Atomic Citron Sugar Wax | Total Cannabinoids: 84.1% | Total THC: 67% | THCV: 4%

Maui Mango Diesel Shatter | Total Cannabinoids: 86.4% | Total THC: 73.1% 

Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster Shatter | Total Cannabinoids:80.4% | Total THC: 68.2% 

Ali’i Drive Shatter | Total Cannabinoids: 84.2% | Total THC: 72.7% 

Caramel Kona Coffee Kush Crumble | Total Cannabinoids: 82.7% | Total THC: 70.7% 

All of these Pakalolo Grown Canamo Concetrates look amazing especially the Atomic Citron Sugar Wax.  On top of those we also received 3 other versions of Crumble from Canamo and a new batch of Caviar Nugs called Sweet Sunrise! For those of you unfamiliar with Caviar Nugs they consist of a half gram bud covered in hash oil and rolled in kief.  The answer is yes, they are awesome! Also, as I mentioned before we have restocked on all the Canamo edibles including Glacier Gummies, Snow Caps and Cannabis Capsules.

Einstein Labs Concentrates and Edibles

New cartridges across the board from Einstein Labs including the classic E-Blunt cartridges as well as the powerful distillate cartridges with higher cannabinoid content.  This time each of the distillate cartridges have a healthy helping of CBD for an awesome bonus!  Check them out below:

Bubblegum Distillate Cartridge (Hybrid)| Total Cannabinoids: 83.1% | Total THC: 61.7%  | Total CBD: 18.8%

Skittlez Distillate Cartridge (Sativa) | Total Cannabinoids: 82.9% | Total THC: 61.2%  | Total CBD: 18.9%

Strawnana Distillate Cartridge (Indica) | Total Cannabinoids: 82.9% | Total THC: 60.9%  | Total CBD: 19.2%

Strawnana Glass Top Cartridge (Sativa) | Total Cannabinoids: 53% | Total THC: 39.3%  | Total CBD: 12%

Fruit Punch E-blunt Cartridge (Sativa) | Total Cannabinoids: 54.4% | Total THC: 41.2%  | Total CBD: 11.5%

Peach E-blunt Cartridge (Indica) | Total Cannabinoids: 54.1% | Total THC: 43%  | Total CBD: 9.2%

Apple E-blunt Cartridge (Hybrid) | Total Cannabinoids: 52.2% | Total THC: 49.9%

We also are all restocked on the fan favorite Leafchews. We hope to see you swing by this weekend to check out our newest strain and some of our brand ndew Pakalolo Grown concentrates from Canamo!  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us at the PakaBlog. Swing by on this rainy day to brighten up your afternoon and until we see you remember to hang loose!








Strain Drop Saturday, New Edibles at Great Prices


Aloha Pakabloggers! Though the spring season faced some setbacks after making an early attempt at getting started, summertime is finally fully upon us. Summer in our state is something pretty special.  Since we are basically forced to hibernate in our homes all winter due to the lack of sunlight and undesired temperatures, the people of Alaska truly come alive with the first days of summer and sunshine.  As soon as you can feel the natural warmth of the sun’s beams and see the tree’s the buds start to pop Alaska feels like a completely different planet when compared to the dark months of winter.  The difference is literally night and day as the sun begins to stay out longer and longer until it barely even sets.  The change is reflected in the people as they are full of energy with smiles on their faces considering the summer possibilities. There is always something to do with tons of events, concerts, weddings, camping, boating, hittin’ the lake, etc.  As Alaskans we fully take advantage of these wonderful summers like its our duty because we know it won’t be long before the snow flies again and we have to bunker down again for the long haul.  So get out there and enjoy everyday that you can.  One of the best things to do while soaking up the sun is to get faded and boy do we have some perfect summertime options at Pakalolo for you and yours to do just that… Hashade anyone!?

Strain Drop Saturday

Oceanview OG

Pakalolo Grown Oceanview OG drops today! The newest indica on our menu offers fuity and sweet aromas and delivers a balanced indica high at 21% THC.  



THCa: 21.2%

Total Cannabinoids: 21.6%

Pineapple Haze

This Saturday we are dropping Pineapple Haze from Catalyst Cannabis Company at both stores. This fun strain combines the tropical aroma of Pineapple with the racing cerebral energy of Haze, creating a mostly sativa strain with equally enticing flavors and effects.  This strain is best indulged in during the day as it an energetic and productive high that is perfect for getting things done or being active.




Hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)

THCa: 22.3%

Total Cannabinoids: 25%

Oodles of Edibles

We have recently stocked both our stores full of amazing infused edibles with amazing price tags to match.  As the cannabis industry continues to thrive we continue to see innovative new prices with increasingly competitive prices.  We got ’em both for you right here!




One of the newest and exciting edibles on the market is Red Run’s new infused lemonade  right in time for summer and it is spectacular.  Did I mention that it has an extremely reasonable price at only $25 for 50mg?  Only containing a few key ingredients Hashade is great to mix with something like Sprite using the dosing measurements on the back of the bottle.  Of course you can also just throw it back straight from the bottle to get the full effects, if you know what I mean 😉

Wakin’ Bakery Caramels


These new caramels from Wakin’ Bakery just hit both Pakalolo locations.  We have them available in two different flavors:  Lemon and Sea Salt.   Both types are deliciously smooth and creamy caramels that just melt away in your mouth.  However, the unique pairing of lemon with caramel is something I have never had before but was very pleasantly surprised by how frickin’ good they taste together.  They come 2 per packet at $12 a piece or 2 for $20 along with the rest of Wakin’ Bakery line of cookies.

Northern Delights Glacier Gummies


These small sugar coated gummies from Raspberry Roots come in 50mg 10-packs for only $36! We have them available in Green Apple, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Sour Strawberry.

Northern Delights Snow Caps


Snow Caps are flavored breath mints that are also 50mg 10-packs but at only $30!  They come in a assortment of tasty flavors that you can see above.

Canamo Capsules


Would you rather cut straight to the chase then go through the trouble of eating something and waiting to digest it?  Well you are in luck because we have you covered with Canamo Cannabis Capsules.  Just down the appropriate dose with a glass of water and you will be on your way to funky town.  These too come in 50mg 10-packs (5mg/capsule) for our best valued edible at only $20 per packet!  That’s a steal if you ask me.  If you are a CBD fan we also have a  special version for $26 that is 50mg THC AND CBD per packet with each capsule being 5mg of each.


Canamo Conentrates for Daysssssss

We are stocked full of high quality concentrates for Canamo including shatter, crumble, sugar wax and decarbed honey oil starting at the low price of only $30 per half gram!




TV Menu (ANC) (8).png

Well I think we covered all the bases.  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us at the Pakablog.  We think the sativa Pineapple Haze from Catalyst Cannabis Company is going to be a hit as it fits right into the mold with the rest of our Pakalolo Grown strains We hope you swing by and enjoy some of our new products and everyday low prices over the weekend.  Until the next time. Hang loose ohana!




The Week of 4/20 at Pakalolo

Aloha and happy week of 4/20!  You read correctly, I said week and thats because we really want to celebrate this holiday properly. It wasn’t so long ago that us cannabis smokers were forced to do so incognito with the risk of getting in a lot of trouble.  Now that we have the right to purchase cannabis legally in public and we are going to celebrate that right like we should and IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC! The fun has already started on Monday and continues to roll up through Saturday 4/20 (pun intended).  Each day brings with it a new deal and as we move forward through the week the deals from the previous days will remain redeemable.  By Saturday basically everything in our store will be heavily discounted.  That’s because we want you to have the best damn time you can for 4/20/2019!

4/20 = Strain Drop Saturday

On 4/20 we will be seeing one of our opening day original Hawaiian strains making its return to our menu after a long hiatus. We are very happy to have Pele Fire OG back in Pakalolo Grown garden.  Since it’s been awhile let us reintroduce you to this classic Hawaiian strain. With out further adieu we welcome…



This hybrid expresses classic OG aromas of citrus and earth while delivering euphoric mental effects that settle into the body as pleasant warmth.

Total THC: 19.6%

Total Cannabinoids: 23.5%

Killer Crop of Maui Pineapple Chunk


We also have a very special batch of Maui Pineapple Chunk that will be going out Saturday for our 4/20 celebration.  In fact it is so special that the whole crop will be going out as Premium Pua at a very nice price which you can see above.  If you have smoked our Maui Pineapple Chunk then you know that this hybrid is one of our most powerful off-the-bat strains but with 31.3% THCa its on a whole other level.   We will have a limited time 2g size of Premium Pua for the occasion with the cutest little glass jars you have ever seen. This is one that will definitely move quick so don’t waste your time lollygagging Saturday morning watching cartoons because it’s time to celebrate 4/20!

Terpene Infused Cask at Hoodoo Brewing


If you come to Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks then chances are you have been to our Fox Ave neighbors, Hoodoo Brewing Company, at least once or twice.  If not then 4/20 might be a good date to make your first day because we are very excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Hoodoo Brewing to bring you a terpene infused beer!  For those of you that don’t know terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers and cannabis, and even by some insects. They often have a strong odor and may protect the plants that produce them by deterring herbivores and by attracting predators and parasites of herbivores. It is these aromatic oils (terpenes) that you are smelling when you first open a Pakalolo pop-top.  Terpenes are also found in natural things things such as fruit. For example the terpene limonene is found in both lemons and cannabis which gives them both a citrus aroma and flavor while also elevating mood and relieving stress according to studies. For 4/20 we will be using a mix of extracted terpenes to simulate the taste of a familiar cannabis strain and infuse it with beer in one of the casks they do every Saturday morning at Hoodoo Brewing Company. So after you swing by Pakalolo Supply Company for all your 4/20 needs you can slide over to Hoodoo Brewing about 1 minute down the road for a delicious and refreshing Hoodoo beer with notes of cannabis 😉

It should be an amazing 4/20 but no need to wait because the week of 4/20 and the deals have already begun…


The week is half over so don’t miss out on the deals. Though they will remain active through 4/20 we can’t promise the supplies will last! Of course Friday and Saturday will bring even more awesome deals so stay tuned by checking into our website each morning. Thanks for stopping by the Pakablog to chat with us and remember to hang loose!


New Everyday Low Prices, Canamo Concentrates and Northern Delights Edibles

Greetings and Aloha to you and yours on this fine afternoon! We have a few cool things in the good news category we would like to share with you today.  First off it’s April and that means the worldwide cannabis holiday 4/20 is only weeks away.  We thought about it and have decided to do away with the holiday and make it an entire holimonth to celebrate 4/20 in style.  We have a lot planned and it starts this weekend with new low prices on concentrates and edibles as well as new products from Canamo and Northern Delights!

Who Likes to Save Money?

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish companies are starting to get ahead of the curve both production wise and financially, refined techniques and better equipment result in quicker production and less overhead.  This allows for the wholesale prices that we pay to come down which of course trickles down to the people that matter most: YOU! As a result the prices on our menu have began to come down across the board.



As you can see in the image above we have lowered the prices drastically on some of our highest quality concentrates from Canamo and Cold Creek.  You can now get half grams as low as $30 everyday because these prices are here to stay! We are kicking off the new prices with a TON of new concentrates from Canamo including shatter, Crumble, Sugar Wax, Caviar Nugs and Honey Oil.



We have also brought down the prices of our Northern Delights edibles to the lowest prices on the Alaska market!  Snow Caps are now only $30 for the 50mg 10 packs and we just put out a new 1:1 ratio (THC:CBD) version of the Snow Caps with each mint having 5mg of THC and CBD. We also introduced a new edible from Northern Delights in the all new Glacier Gummies which are also 50mg 10 packs and are available in 5 different flavors.

TV MENU (FBKS) (18).png

Do you like the high of edibles but not the act of eating something to get there?  Well we got some new capsules of cannabis infused coconut oil from Northern Delights.  All you have to do is throw ’em back with a glass of water like a few daily supplements.  We have them with 5mg THC and capsules with a 1:1 ratio of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.


TV MENU (FBKS) (19).png

5 Days of Catalyst

Everyone knows the 12 Days of Christmas jingle, right?  Well we wanted to do something similar with 4/20 and do 5 days of Catalyst strains and it starts Monday next week!  Each day we will be dropping one new strain from Catalyst Cannabis Company.  Each one of these look and smell amazing with nice bud structure and each has a unique flavor profile.  We think its should be a fun week sampling a new strain each day taking a page from Alaska Beer Week at Hoodoo Brewing Company.  The first strain to be dropped on Monday will be Grape God.  We are willing to divulge the name of the first strain but the others will remain top secret until the days of their releases!  Visit the front page of our website at each day next week to see what strain we are dropping that day.  On the 5 Days of Catalyst Pakalolo gave to meeeeeeee!



That’s it for this post.  We are excited for the holimonth of 4/20 and we hope you are too because this is just the beginning! Stay tuned and check back to the Pakablog regularly. Don’t forget to swing by this weekend and take advantage of our new low prices and test out our new products.  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us and until next time remember to hang loose!




New Clones, 30% Shiva and Einstein Labs Restock

Aloha Pakabloggers! Mahalo for cruisin by the PakaBlog!

I think it’s safe to say that springtime is here, wouldn’t ya say? It’s hard not to think that way and have a big smile on your face with the shining sun every single day, temperatures above freezing and the snow disappearing right in front of your eyes! We will keep our fingers crossed that there are no lingering cold snaps on the way. I can confidently say that, although they are somewhat short, Alaska summers are the best on the planet.  Hopefully it comes a little early this year because we are definitely ready!

Clones Ready for Adoption

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the day that our next batch of clones hit the light shelf with eagerness to start your summer gardens.  Well you are in luck because today is that day.   We will have 5 different strains of clones ready to be brought to your homes and plopped into the soil. Most of which are at the usual prices: $25 for a single | $80 for 4 | $100 for 6.  However, those Aloha CBD of the previous batch are now going for only $5.  Come get the star of your garden today only at Pakalolo Supply company!


Shiva the Rare, Pure Sativa

Are you aware that our most recent harvest of Shiva is coming in at 30.3% total cannabinoids with 28% of it being THC?!  Well if you weren’t now you are and to be honest with you, I’m not sure what you are waiting for! All jokes aside this is one of the absolute best strains on the market. It is a pure sativa that truly invigorates you.  Shiva’s killer numbers speak for themselves and it has an amazing sweet citrus flavor profile. YUMMY!


A rare, pure sativa that has the smell and taste of sweet citrus fruits  with notes of diesel and a high that will leave you feeling invigorated.

Total Cannabinoids: 30.3%

Total THC: 28.1%

Einstein Labs Cartridges and Edibles

Stop by Pakalolo this weekend to scope our new selection of new vape cartridges from our favorite concentrate manufacturer Einstein Labs.  We have some very interesting new flavors this time around including Mocha and Salted Caramel.  Einstein Labs seems to have a cartridge for every person’s preference.  Check them out below to see if one is calling your name.


We also still have a couple choices of the smaller 0.33g E-blunt slims at a smaller price for those of you wanting to get your feet wet vaping concentrate  before diving in the deep end.  We have a sativa and a hybrid and both of them taste excellent.


Are edibles more your thing? If so, Einstein Labs also blessed us with more of their legendary Leafchews as well as their delectable Mini Chocolate Truffles.  Both come in packets of 10 for a total of 50mg @ $45.  We have two new flavors of Leafchews in Blue Raspberry Lime and Raspberry Cheesecake!



Irie CBD Wellness Drops


Introducing CBD Wellness Drops from an Alaskan drive through juice and smoothie bar on 7th Avenue in Anchorage called Irie Company.  Wellness Drops are whole plant Full Spectrum CBD oil in MCT and best of all its made IN Alaska! This is the good stuff, folks. We have it in the 3 different sizes pictured above: 125mg, 250mg and 500mg. Stop by Pakalolo today to give them a shot (drop)!

That’s it for today’s Pakablog post.  As always we appreciate you stopping by to chat with us. We promise not to keep you waiting quite as long for the next post.  We hope to see you at Pakalolo this weekend.  We have plenty of product in every category.  To view the full menu head over to  Until next time, hang loose! Mahalo.





Celebrate the Iditarod Daze Down at Pakalolo Oceanside!

The long-awaited start of the 47th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race kicked off today in downtown Anchorage on 4th Avenue right in front of our Pakalolo Oceanside location.  Come join the festivities and celebrate our furry friends with your Pakalolo Ohana! We have some awesome sales on flower, prerolls and concentrates including $5 Maui Pineapple Chunk Prerolls for members of our Ohana club. Not a member? Sign up today! If you aren’t in Anchorage today, don’t stress because the sales are extended to our Fairbanks location as well 😉

If that’s not enough excitement for you don’t forget the Annual Running of the Reindeer takes place today at 4pm! Racers in costumes make a mad dash down the 4th Avenue in front of stampeding reindeer 😀

Image result for running of the reindeer

While you are here get your last entries in for the Hawaiian Vacation Sweepstakes coming to an end on March 4th!

websitesweepstakes - copy

First Friday with Caitlin Perry, Strain Drop Saturday with Pakalolo Grown and Catalyst

Aloha ohana! The work week has came and gone and the weekend is now upon us.  That means it’s time to have some fun and lucky for you we got a fun weekend planned at Pakalolo Supply Company that started last night with First Friday. We debuted local artist Caitlin Perry’s artwork, largely inspired by Alaskan wildlife and culture, starting at 5pm and will be on display throughout the month.  We are also supporting a local hip-hop artist starting Friday with our new product from Top Hat Concentrates: Special Edition Shawny Bones OG CO2 Cartridge!  After that we will be having an excitingly large Strain Drop Saturday featuring Pakalolo Grown as well as 4 first time strains from Catalyst Cannabis Company in Anchorage.  We have quite a bit to cover so let’s jump right in!

First Friday with Caitlin Perry

First Friday is a phenomenal way for companies to support local artists and give the community a chance to appreciate and purchase some of their amazing work. Starting at Friday Feb 1, we will have Caitlin’s art on display at Pakalolo Supply Company for the First Friday of February.  Her paintings are heavily inspired by the wildlife and culture of Alaska. As you can see from the examples below she does awesome impressions of some of the states most well known animals such as Ravens, Mooose, Sandhill Cranes among others.  She often does the paintings on handmade planks of wood which gives her art another layer of naturalness and authenticity.  Swing by this evening to support local artists and check out some of Caitlin’s amazing work.  You won’t regret it.

Top Hat Concentrates with Shawny Bones OG

Have you been missing Top Hat CO2 cartridges? If you have been then you are in luck because we just put 3 new cartridges on the menu today! We are especially excited because one of the cartridges is a special and limited edition strain that we specifically cultivated for our friend and local hip-hop artists Shawny Bones.  He is a longtime friend, a great person and his music is outstanding.   You can listen to his most popular song Cloudkiccer right HERE which happens to be about lighting up and smoking the herb! We have already tried out the Shawny Bones cartridge and it tastes simply amazing with a whopping 4.5% terpenes with a wonderful high at 55% THC. Check out the full list of cartridges below.

TV MENU (FBKS) (8).png

Strain Drop Saturday


This Saturday we are dropping one of our more classic strains from the Pakalolo cultivation in Headband. Hailing from California this strain is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel.  A powerful and perfect example of a 50/50 hybrid that offers delicious flavors of pine, lemon and diesel with a balanced high that some feel gives the sensation of wearing a headband.

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Catalyst Cannabis Company

We are very excited to introduce our new friends, Catalyst Cannabis Company! Located in Anchorage, Catalyst was founded on the principle that customers seeking safe cannabis should have access to accurate information, industry resources, and the highest quality, clean products. Catalyst offers some very high quality, tasty flower using all natural methods similar to our own. In their own words from their website (found here):

Catalyst takes great pride in our exceptional flower.  We use OMRI listed and CDFA registered nutrients and fertilizers in our operations using our handcrafted living soil.  Our plants our hand-watered daily, allowing us a one on one interaction with every single plant every single day. Our attention to detail doesn’t stop when a plant is harvested.  We utilize a combination of wet and dry trimming techniques, so each bud can reach its full potential.  Our flower is always hand trimmed, preserving terpenes and quality.  We slow cure and dry our flower before releasing it to the retail market. “

They have sent 4 strains of their high quality buds our way (to Fairbanks) and in exchange we sent 4 of our best in their direction (which means you can now find Pakalolo Grown flower, Maui Mango Diesel, Caramel Kona Coffee Kush, Moana, and Northern Lights at Catalyst Cannabis Company in South Anchorage). Let’s take a closer look at what strains will be dropping from Catalyst come Saturday at Pakalolo Supply Company.

Ninja OG

This indica leaning hybrid is a cross between Dr. Who and Tahoe OG strains.. Nice cerebral effects with elevated body high with spicy fruity flavors providing a lovely high for all smokers.


OG Kush

The original indica hybrid this classic strain has notes of fuel, pine and spice with a high that will leave you feeling relaxed and chill.


Orange Dream

This Hybrid (Sativa Dominant) is a cross of Orange Crush and Blue Dream. You will spoil your tastebuds with this sweet and tasty candy. Imagine walking through the doors of Jamba Juice and a very decadent orange slaps you in your face! Its calming, but uplifting high will allow you to puff on this Orange Dream wherever and whenever.


Agent Carter

This hybrid cross between Pineapple Express and OG Chem Dog is a sweet funky flower dominates the nostrils and delivers an energetic high allowing you to complete any mission, agent.


Yeah we have one heck of a weekend planned!  We truly hope to see you down here to support some awesome local artists and try out some of the many new products we will have on the menu. As always we appreciate you swinging by to chat with us and remember until next time to hang loose

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